When 3D Printing Meets Education And Teaching
- Dec 28, 2017 -

The core manufacturing idea of 3D printing technology originated in the United States. As early as 1892, J.e.blanther in its patent had recommended the use of layered manufacturing method to form a topographic map, that is, the concept of 3D printing layered manufacturing has been in the bud in the 1890s, and the real rise is the 1986 United States 3D BAE company Charles Hull developed the first modern 3D printing equipment--sla-250 (UV curing molding machine), creating a new era of 3D printing technology development, has been more than 30 years. From the beginning of the snub, to today's people are known, 3D printing with its unlimited design space, accurate physical reproduction and other characteristics more and more popular acceptance and love.

But in view of the current domestic situation, 3D printing is still in the development stage, many people just heard or seen on TV, did not form a system of 3D printing thinking and consumption habits, coupled with the lack of 3D printing technology talent, in fact, the entire 3D printing industry, the most need now is the science and education.

Some developed countries in the United States and Europe have already promoted 3D printing on campus, and some campuses in Japan and South Korea have also offered 3D printing courses. Education from the baby grabbed, science and technology from the education, our country in recent years to speed up the pace of 3D printing into education, there are some 3D printing enterprises have cooperated with the school, will be 3d printing into the curriculum.

3D Printing can enter the campus in a few short years, the main reason is related to the needs of both sides: in schools, 3D printing technology can be the realization of students creative ability and imagination of the carrier, while broadening the employment of students, in enterprises, will cultivate more excellent 3D technical personnel, 3D printing can also be widely passed on. The working principle of 3D printing is not difficult, and the traditional printer is very similar, in addition to modeling, the printer operation is also very simple, so students in psychology and ability are easier to accept mastery, which makes 3D printing and education has a closer relationship.