What Is The 3D Printing Technology?
- Dec 28, 2017 -

The concept of 3D has been in existence for many years, but many people do not yet know what kind of technology it is. Some say this will open the third technological revolution, and some say it is another concept hype. In fact, 3D technology so mysterious and slow to open the market related to the use of 3D or saw 3D printing products are not many people.

In fact, 3D printing is not essentially a printing technology, but a manufacturing technology, the industry also called it "material manufacturing", is the use of powder-like metal or other fusible materials, through the stacking accumulation of the way to construct the object technology. With the traditional manufacturing through cutting and grinding raw materials in the final form of different, 3D printing is from scratch the production process, almost no waste.

At last year's first World Conference on 3D printing technology, we could see guitars, harps, lamps and pistols made using 3D printing technology. In this respect, Rojun, CEO of the Asia Manufacturing Association, said that if the mere ability to make traditional manufacturing can be done, there is nothing special, after all, the traditional manufacturing industry after thousands of years of development, has been very perfect and mature, process, cost, time is not comparable to 3D printing technology.

Rojun that the meaning of 3D printing technology is not what can be done, but the traditional manufacturing can not do, or difficult to do, the use of 3D printing technology is easy to achieve, such as personalized strong, complex products, including precision parts, new product molds and human organs. Specific 3D printing can make what, we are interested in June to Qingdao to visit this year's second world 3D printing technology industry Congress.