Selection Of Printing Materials For 3D Printer
- Dec 28, 2017 -

The use of 3D printers is more and more extensive, and the choice of materials for 3D printers is also critical. First in the selection of materials, you can carefully observe whether there is a color difference in supplies, if the supplies are transparent, please carefully observe the color of the material is uniform; under normal circumstances, the color is uneven, indicating that the supplies in the production of a partial change;

Again is the 3D printing material precision, feel test accuracy. Pull up 1-2 meters long supplies, with thumb and forefinger gently clamp the supplies, and then slowly to pull supplies. If the supplies exist uneven thickness or supplies surface is not smooth, feel is very easy to perceive. Can be measured by a digital vernier caliper, measuring whether the material is within the control tolerance range, for example, measured in the length of 1-2 meters, the test line diameter tolerance is uniform; at each test point, rotate a week to measure the range of 3-4 circumference, mainly measuring whether the wire is "round", namely: whether the wire diameter control is effective.

Finally, the quality of the 3D printing materials, observation of the substrate print line uniformity, the general 3D printer at the beginning of printing to do the substrate, to observe the nozzle on the substrate uniformity, if the material is more uniform, supplies precision control within the range. To observe the internal structure uniformity of consumables in printing, whether there are bubbles, spots and other problems. Through the above observation method, the material is identified, so that you can easily and quickly select the quality of the 3D printing materials.