Flying Bear Ghost 3D Printer
- Dec 15, 2018 -

Dear Flyingbear fans,Happy new year!

If you have bought Flyingbear printer,

and who make a review video for our printers,we will be grateful for your kindly behavior:

The content of the video contains the unbox, the tutorials, the print model, and so on. Then uploads it to Yotube and Facebook.

When YouTube has more than 3000 video views, we will send you 1kg filament free of charge.

If Youbtube has more than 30 thousand video views in 2 months, We will send you a Flying Bear Shine LCD 3D printer free of charge.


Here is the New version Ghost installation video:

installation information:

ghostFlyingbear Ghost All metal frame stable structure good 3d printer with filament Large print size High Precision 3D Printer kit

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