3D Print Help 2016 Oscar Resurrection 1929 Original Golden Man
- Dec 28, 2017 -

3D BAE Professional wax 3D Printer CPX series (now projet®3600w series) and 3D modeling software play a key role in the new Golden Man's birth process

You may have to wait until the Oscars at the end of February to get an Oscar winner, but now you can at least see how this year and the future of the Golden Man are made, and how 3D print plays a role.

It seems that the 3D printing technology has once again expanded its tentacles-this time into the music and Film awards ceremony in the Hyper-popular field. For example, at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, which ended in Sunday, 3D printing technology helped Lady Gaga to salute David Bowie's performance, and now it's his turn to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy Award. Oscar announced that they are using 3D printing technology to restore and reconstruct the first Oscar awards of 1929.

There is no doubt that you are quite familiar with the Oscar-winning trophy, but you might be surprised to tell you that the little man has undergone some subtle changes in material and design since the first Oscar ceremony in 1929. At first, the world-famous statuette-a knight with a sword on a movie reel-was designed by Cedric Gibbons, the art director of MGM film, and made by Cedric Gibbons, a sculptor from Los Angeles (George Stanley). The bronze statue is gilded on the outer layer. However, only a few years later, because of the change of production mode, The Golden man was mostly made into metal cores combined with gold plating.

To welcome the 88th Annual Academy Award, the organizers recruited the Polich Tallix Art Foundry from New York Rock Tavern to make the famous Oscar statuette. In order to follow the trophy's origins, the Golden Man will first be cast by hand bronze and then plated with 24K gold on the surface.

Dick Polich, founder and chief executive of Polich Tallix, said: "In this project, we are privileged to be entrusted with the continuation of a great tradition." It is our pleasure to apply our artistic experience and technical expertise to the Oscar trophy. ”

In order to create the latest version of the Golden statue, Polich Tallix first to the 1929 original and 2015 new Trophy 3D scan, the 3D data after the use of 3D modeling technology will be two design combination, in order to maintain the essence of the 2015 version of the trophy, Make trophies as close to the original as possible--more distinctive features, more in line with decorative art aesthetics.