2016 Most Valuable 3D Printing Equipment
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Projet MJP 2500 may be the most valuable new product of the 2016. It is a brand new device and the first concrete result of 3D Bae's acquisition of the Xerox (Xerox) solid-state ink engineering and Research and development department in Oregon State two years ago. In fact, Xerox is not accidental because Projet 2500 has the promise of becoming a common device like a copier.

3D printing using Jet print head to control the whereabouts of materials to the exact location, which is currently the most advanced polymer 3D printing technology, operating similar to the domestic 2D inkjet printer. It is only possible to solidify polymer materials in three-dimensional form through light sources.

Projet MJP 2500 is designed for 3D jet printing based on 3D Bae, that is, multiple sprinkler printing (MJP). However, the cost of this series of equipment and the size of the molding means will replace the DLP design based on the Projet 1500. This means that this series of new equipment will definitely apply to the mainstream population.

Andrea Barchi said, "When I first saw 2500 at the CES show this January, I was very excited that it was a relatively small device that was quite handy and could be used to print out high quality parts with 5 fine materials." Because Projet 2500 uses a new generation of resin material, it is close to the material used on the 5500X of large equipment. Currently includes ABS, pp-like, very beautiful translucent and black and white elastic materials.