The odd idea of a printer
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Recently, media reports, Israeli company Zuta Labs developed a portable pocket machine. The Revolutionary mini printer uses wireless and rechargeable batteries to connect to PCs and smartphones. When printing is required, the user simply sends instructions to the printer via Bluetooth, which is then printed on paper. Because it's small, it takes about a minute to print a page, and it can take about an hour to recharge.

In fact, people for the printer volume and the diversification of the pursuit of functions, has been in progress, the printer's "world" is more colorful than people think.

Unexpected portable printer

As early as 2011, a 23cm, wide and high 60cm and 50cm concept printer, known as the then smallest printer. It is a veritable "triple-nothing" product-no pallet, no, no wires, a USB connection, which can be plugged directly into the computer for operation.

The "copy-and-paste" printer, which appears almost simultaneously with the Israeli company Zuta Labs products, even makes printing free of computer bondage. Just hold the man's Razor size printer, press the button below, scan for what you want to print, and then press another button on another blank sheet of paper, and the image will be fully rendered. The design won the Red Dot Concept design Award in 2013.

However, the human wonder has not stopped, in order to make printing more convenient, imaginative designers to design the printer as a pencil shape, and features a pencil characteristics-can be changed. It rejects the traditional cartridge design, the use of pencil core to print, so the printed text can be rubbed with eraser, and then modified. Also, people just need to insert the printed paper into the text, you can erase the words above, so that the paper can be reused. Because this printer uses the discarded pencil head, so green.