The difference between a 3D printer and a rapid prototyping machine
- Dec 28, 2017 -

3D printer is a simple version of the rapid prototyping machine, lower cost and less function. The rapid prototyping machine is a traditional method used in the automotive and aerospace industries for many years.

Typically, 3D printers are lighter than quick-prototyping machines and are ideal for office work. They consume less energy and have smaller footprint, mainly for the physical design of small copies of nylon or other plastic materials. This also means that the 3D printer prints smaller objects. The space formed by the rapid prototyping machine is at least 10 inches per side, while the 3D printer is less than 8 inches. However, the 3D printer has all the functions of the rapid prototyping machine, such as verification design, creation molding, remote information sharing, etc.