The development of 3D printer in China
- Dec 28, 2017 -

At present, 3D printing is still in the early stage in China. A lot of people have a skeptical attitude about 3D printing. From the perspective of development, 3D printing is still stuck in the "advanced Toys" stage, and did not realize the industrialization of mature. However, each region is very much in recognition of the possible changes in the 3D printing technology, and how these changes will affect existing production, economic, and social patterns is a matter of concern.

3D Printing Hall settled in China, quickly print "real Me"

BEIJING, Xi ' An, Wuhan, Guangzhou have a printing hall, 3D print the real portrait of the steps is very simple, the first step, with a 3D scanner for the whole body scan. The second step is to enter the three-dimensional imaging information into the computer. The third step, less than 20 centimeters high of the doll print out. At present the 3D print portrait is a bit expensive in terms of price. The price ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan.

As long as you can design it, you can print it.

The technical principle of the 3D printer is basically the same as that of the ordinary printer, the printer is connected with the computer, and then the blueprint of the computer is turned into kind by computer. The biggest advantage of 3D printing is that it can greatly reduce manufacturing costs and shorten the development cycle. "A product's mold design cost may be 300,000 yuan or higher, but the use of 3D printing technology thousands of yuan can be done, and the development cycle has been shortened from the past six months to about 1 month."

Mainly to meet personalized needs

At present, "3D printing technology is mainly to meet the needs of personalized, customized, complex and difficult products." "3D printing the most prominent advantage is that no mold can be formed, and do not require machining, you can directly from the design of three-dimensional graphics data to print out any shape of the object." and the traditional manufacturing process is the core of a link is to be modeled, many high-end products can be designed, the biggest difficulty is to produce. Therefore, the core of the 3D printing meaning is that the traditional mode of production can not be manufactured by individuation, complex and difficult products, through 3D printing technology can be directly manufactured; second, although the traditional way can be manufactured, but the input cost is too large, cycle is too long, through 3D printing technology can achieve fast, convenient, shorten the cycle, The purpose of reducing costs.