3D customized stent for the treatment of chronic scoliosis
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Scoliosis occurs in children aged 8-13, 90% of whom are female, and nearly 7 million Americans suffer from a idiopathic scoliosis that often leads to severe scoliosis. The disease needs to be treated as a child, and the traditional treatment is to have these children wear rigid, unsightly back brackets for 2-3 years. This is a very difficult thing for children to do, so when their parents are not around, they take them down secretly, causing a bad effect. Finally, surgery was necessary.

3D BAE the company wants to change that. The company announced the completion of a plan to use its SLS 3D printing technology to treat scoliosis bespoke? The experimental stage of braces. 3D BAE has used innovative technology in this technology application. First, the patient is fitted with a bracket called "Check Base (Check-socket)". When the position of the bracket is installed, it is digitized to create a reference base diagram. Then make further adjustments until the patient feels the best. The data is then recorded and then printed using its selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer. 3D Bae, in collaboration with Dr. James Policy of Stanford University, tested the equipment at the Oakland Children's Hospital for 22 child patients. As a result, both the ability to correct scoliosis and the feedback received from the children are very encouraging. Unlike traditional stents, the Bespoke brace are flexible, flexible and thin, so it's easy to hide underneath the children's shirts and not feel uncomfortable wearing them all day. Based on the customization of 3D printing technology, it will play more and more important role in the medical field.